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Dynamic Internet Services

 Internet Domain Name :(.com,.net,.org,.biz,.info)

Domain name registration service : Check if your internet domain name is free for registration and buy it now ! You can manage and config your domain. Register your internet domain name now ! your dns may be managed online
Dynamic Internet Services


Web Hosting :

We host your web site too. Get a free domain name and host your web pages in our hosting server.

The web site hosting is available for you.

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Dynamic dns : Host your server at home : no need for a fixed internet address !

Host your web and other internet applications at home. No need for a hosting service. Just have the dsl or other permanent connexion. Your web pages and others applis will be reached from all the world. The dyndns will map your ip within your domaine or sub-domain name. This is like a web redirection which helps you to get a 'static ip'. The dynamic dns client allows you to fix your dynamic internet address to a fixed ip. Web hosting will be at your hand. Just subscribe to the dyndns service, download the dynamic dns client and install it on your desktop. After that install and configure your web server or also ftp or other internet applicaion. Your web site and application will be available for your visitors and users from any place in the world. The dynamic dns is a chance for all internet users having dsl, optical fiber, sattelite connexion, pda and other smart phone and gps connected to the network via wifi or wimax. Could be ued for logistic tracking and other mobil applications. Running an email server like exchange, sendmail or other is also possible with the dynamic dns service. Just configure your dynamic dns client. Also you can define many internet sub-domains to be attached to your internet domain name. Your internet router must be configured (Nat) to redirect desired internet port to the specified local address machine.

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Network Monitoring service by email and Sms

Monitor your servers (web and others) and be sure that are running. Get be notified by email and Sms (mobil message) when your application is down.

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